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The Shopper Brain Conference

The Shopper Brain Conference is the only event on the intersection of retail and neuroscience. It's specially designed for senior-level participants from leading brands, retailers, e-tailers, catalogers, trade marketers, and retail industry consultants. In the past, we organized our show in Europe and the US. Asia is on our wishlist, and we hope to be back in 2023! Sign up for Shopper Brain Conference updates to be the first to know!


What happens in our brains when we’re shopping? How do we improve shopper experiences? These and other questions are discussed by renowned experts from industries ranging from academia to software-companies and confectionary, to consulting firms.


Connect with peers, gain new in-field contacts, and engage in collaborative discussions with the largest neuromarketing network in the world. Meet over 200 key international delegates from across industry and academia, and get to know like-minded spirits.

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